Architecture AF’s entry recently won First Prize in the professional category for Historic Richmond’s Drawing on History: Infill Design Competition. 

See all of the design entries specifically created for two of Richmond’s growing areas — Union Hill and Jackson Ward in Drawing on History: Infill Design Competition at The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design now through Sunday, September 4.

From our Prospectus:

Historic Richmond neighborhoods including Union Hill and Jackson Ward are coming back to life, attracting new generation of residents. It is hard to pin down exactly what makes these neighborhoods so attractive, but we can speculate that it emerges from a community “ambiance.” It is the feeling one gets walking along the sidewalk of a tree lined street waving to a neighbor. The buildings themselves have a consistency that facilitate this: all buildings, through a seemingly implicit pact, mostly conform in scale, material and arrangement of public and private spaces to create, at the meta level, a community “ambiance.” Thus the appeal of the neighborhood becomes neighborhood itself; like a coral reef, the beauty is the reef and its colorful inhabitants. There is no scenic view or anchor Starbucks that gives the neighborhood life, it comes from within. Continue reading about our Union Hill Work Live design


Historic Richmond Screenshot